16. How long does it take?

For most clients the interview through to lodgement will only take only about 30 minutes to complete. The tax office will normally processes returns within 14 days of lodgement. For more complicated situations a return may not be completed immediately. In these situations, a copy for your records, original return to sign, return paid envelope and a clear instruction letter summarising your refund and where to sign, is posted out to you within a few days.

17. How much does a tax return cost to prepare?

Fees vary for tax returns depending upon the complexity and the type of tax return required.

  • Basic Individual tax returns are $190 (includes GST)
  • Where fees are deducted from your refund there is an additional $25 (includes GST)
  • Where partners have returns prepared together there is a discount of $40 (includes GST)
  • Business tax returns are based upon the individual business, structure and time taken. Estimates can be made upon request based upon the information supplied.

18. Why should I do my personal tax return with you?

We have been operating since 1988 and we are committed to providing you with a high quality, personal service. Clients are always pleased with our fast, professional service and Immediate Lodgement Service. We offer free tax advice all year round to make your life even easier.

In a nutshell, here are the services we provide:

  • Maximise your refund and deductions: A qualified accountant will run you through an extensive series of questions to help legally maximise your refund, before your return it is lodged with the tax office. Experience from preparing over 13,000 tax returns often allows us to identify additional areas of extra deductions or additional tax off-sets you were not even aware of to increase your refund.
  • Faster Service and Lodgement: Most personal tax returns are completed and lodged immediately. Your return will be lodged directly into the Australian Taxation Office computers while you watch. This means you get the fastest possible service and a very fast refund.
  • Accurate Estimate: You will be provided with a written and detailed estimate which shows exactly how much your refund will be, to the cent.
  • Instant Personalised Copy:  You will instantly have a printed personalised copy of your entire tax return along with your original receipts and papers. A copy of the return can be emailed to you as a PDF file. This allows for easy use of the document as a record or for forwarding to Centrelink or banks etc.
  • Pre-fillingReport: A tax office report is downloaded for all our clients. This report has personalised information showing what the tax office already knows about your income, interest, shares and other details. The report is a useful aid to the accurate preparation of your tax return. Often missing or forgotten details such as Centrelink pensions can be found. This saves you fines and worry.
  • Fees: Fees can be paid up front before lodgement or they can be deducted from your refund.

19. What type of clients do you work with?

We cater for clients that need help with their personal tax returns and provide advice with all taxation and related matters. Most of our Business clients are small businesses, operating in a variety of service, farming, professional, manufacturing or trade related industries. The type of business structure most commonly used range from sole trader, partnership, trust to company. Many of our clients are based locally; however we cater for busy clients who prefer to deal via the internet, phone or by mail. Distance is not really an issue today.

20. I don't understand all the financial reports or advice I currently get. How can you help?

Being in small business does not have to be confusing. Providing financial reports in a simple, readily understood layout is just better design and understanding of what the average small business operator needs. Advice can be provided in a clear and 'jargon free' way which all means you get 'advice you can understand'.

21. I have not done my tax for many years. Can you help?

Sometimes clients get late with lodging returns and often we get clients with multiple years of tax returns outstanding. This is not a problem. We have lodged 22 years returns for one very late client. The client got a large refund and had been worrying for many years needlessly.

If you have over due returns, then just contact us immediately. Generally a wage earner has enough tax withheld by the employer to cover the tax owing. If you are in a refund situation, then the tax office may not impose late fines. If you do end up owing money, then the faster you have the returns processed the sooner we can help you. In some cases we can work with the tax office to reduce or eliminate fines or interest. We can even help work out a repayment plan with the tax office if that was to be needed.

22. I am going to start my own business. What should I do?

Congratulations. There are many steps to put in place before you begin your new business. Get advice early, as it is often difficult to put some things in place after certain events have occurred.  Some of the issues we will discuss and put in place for you include: type of business structure you need, tax file number application, ABN application, GST registration, other business registrations, set up a simple and effective record keeping system that meets your needs and ability. We have written a book called 'Start, Manage and Grow Your Own Small Business' which sets out everything a business owner needs to know. This is available for clients on a CD. Write down any questions you may have and then give us a call (03) 5382 4485.